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Potential Candidates

We recruit and consider Talents and Potential Talents of the following varieties,
regardless of sex, age, and nationality, although Bilinguals and Multi-linguals are preferred.

  • Sports DJ's, Radio DJ's
  • Narrators, Voice Actors/Actresses
  • Multi-Talented Entertainers(preferably between ages 16 to 23)
  • Vocalists, Bands

Candidate Qualifications

Those currently free of affiliation with any talent agencies/productions, record companies/labels, etc., and are not under any binding contracts of any of the above.
※ Please inform us of registration and tie-up's you have with any companies.
※ Both endorsed and unendorsed applications are permitted.


Please send the appropriate paper work, materials, and information listed for each category by postal service or E-mail.

※ Only those determined to meet our criteria and standards will be contacted. YOU WILL NOT be contacted if otherwise.
※ Please note that we will not be responding to any questions concerning the result of your application through E-mail, fax, nor telephone.
※ Photographs and sound sources may be sent via E-mail, in any digital form (jpeg, mp3, wav.).
※ Please acknowledge, that we are unable to return anything sent to us (paper work, photographs, sound sources etc.). DO NOT send us anything you will be needing back.

Material Needed for All Categories

  • Profile and/or resume(including height, weight, and body measurements)
  • ※ You may choose, or choose not to use the "rirekisyo" forms sold in stores.

  • 2 Photographs(one head-shot and one full body shot taken within the last three months)
  • Written self promotion and reason you wish to work with White Magic

Material Needed for Each Category (Basic Material)

Sports DJ's and Radio DJ's
  • Basic Material (all of the above)
  • Description of knowledge on any sports and languages
  • Voice sample of yourself doing some reading
    ※You may choose to read a poem and/or article of some what, and/or even do a short skit/play or mock radio program. If you are multi-lingual, please let us hear you in each language that you speak, in various voice tones. Please also include an oral self introduction. Tell us about yourself!
    ※The Voice Sample may be recorded in your home and doesn't need to be anything fancy.

Narrators, Voice Actors/Actresses
  • Basic Material
  • Voice sample of yourself doing some reading ※You may choose to read a poem and/or article of some what. Please also include a short skit/play and an oral self introduction. Tell us about yourself!
    ※The voice sample may be recorded in your home and doesn't need to be anything fancy.
Multi-talented Entertainers
(between 16 to 23 years of
age, regardless of sex and nationality)
  • Basic Material
    (with description of your special talent and skills)
  • Voice sample, video sample
    (Let us hear and see what you can do!)
Vocalists, Bands
  • Basic Material
  • Demo recording of a few track.
    (Originals and Covers are both accepted.)
  • Image sample
    (visual recording of a live performance, music video, etc.)※ not obligatory

Send Applications To:

VILLA STELLA #211, 3-36-21 Sosigaya
Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 157-0072 JAPAN
White Magic Entertainment Japan
c/o Talent/Artist Recruitment


What to Expect after Auditions:

Only in the case that White Magic Entertainment Japan and the applicant agree to contracting, will the act of talent/artist promotion be conducted.
※Minors will not be contracted without approval of a parent.

Applicants will only be contacted directly in the case that they have been selected based upon application and Basic Material.

Privacy Policy

All personal information and history you provide to White Magic Entertainment Japan will be appropriately managed in compliance with the personal information protection act, as well as with the following regulations.

Management of personal information
White Magic Entertainment Japan will use the personal information you provide for the following purposes only. Please be aware that it may be necessary for White Magic Entertainment Japan to record personal information contained within correspondence.
  1. We will use your personal information to contact and inform you of auditions held through our company.
  2. We will use your personal information to send reference material for auditions and casting.
White Magic Entertainment Japan strictly adheres to all laws and regulations protecting the personal information of our clients, signed talent and registered talent and will not use personal information for any purpose other than to provide the services of White Magic Entertainment Japan.

White Magic Entertainment Co.,Ltd.